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  • Set and achieve goals
  • Learn what influences your behavior and feelings
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Goalie is your personal coach!

Importance of a healthy lifestyle

A lot of research has been done on the effects of a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself physically, through sleeping, eating and moving regularly, will have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

Small changes can have a large result. Goalie is here to help!

A nudge in the right direction

Dealing with issues like stress or adversity can be learned by anyone. It is a process and Goalie helps you keep track of how you feel and see what influences your feelings.


Overview of your emotions, eating-, moving- and sleeping patterns

Not just your emotions and the way you think affect how you feel, what you eat, how you sleep and your daily exercise have an effect as well. With Goalie you keep track of your emotions and you will also work on your eating-, exercise-  and sleep patterns.


Set concrete goals. With Goalie you will achieve your goals

Goalie motivates you to move more often, eat regularly, sleep regularly and provides you with insights on your emotions. 

Goalie helps you when and where you need it: you can start directly from you home, there is no waiting period and everything is available on your phone.


Start with Goalie today!

Goalie is free and available at any moment.


In need of some extra help?

When you are in treatment at PsyQ or Indigo, you can connect directly with your practitioner in the Goalie app!

Goalie for care providers

Support your clients in a unique way, join hundreds of professional users.

Goalie for care providers